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          Got a broken, scrap, unwanted, unused, old, written off or wrecked car which you want to get rid of? If so, are you struggling to sell it? Well, that struggle stops now because we’ll take it off your hands, give you cash for cars and remove it as well. If you’re like most people, then you’ll understand the stressful times and difficulty of trying to sell or tow an unwanted car. There is a lot of hassle involved when trying to list it, view it and get it sold. So save yourself the trouble and let us come and professionally tow it away, remove it for free and give you instant cash for your cars.

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          If your car isn’t drivable anymore, there’s no need to worry because we have free car removal. Don’t waste money and time trying to fix an old, broken, scrap or damaged car. Call us today, and we’ll remove it for free. There has never been a better time for no-fuss vehicle removal in Melbourne.


          No vehicle is worthless to us. We’re wreckers which means we want your old cars for salvage purposes and we recycle what parts can’t get used and in an environmentally friendly way. If a car may seem like it has no value, it sure has value to us. So contact us today and let us give you cash for your vehicle.


          It honestly is this simple. Contact us now or fill out our contact form and we’ll give you a free no-obligation quote. Along with the most competitive and accurate price for your car. We base our appraisals on the current car market rates, which means you’ll be satisfied with our honest and reliable cash for car payments.

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          Melbo Cash for Cars

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          Give us a call or fill out our simple form and we’ll give you a free and accurate quote for your unwanted car right away. Our buying price is competitive, and we’ll provide you with a quote which is honest, reliable and precise.

          Get instant cash for cars

          Once the offer gets accepted, we’ll arrange the most convenient time for you, and come to remove your vehicle for free. Upon our arrival, we’ll pay you the agreed amount of the spot.

          Free car removal

          We’re experts in towing and vehicle and shifting, which means our removal is safe, efficient and entirely fuss-free.

          Stop losing money from your unwanted cars

          Get cash for cars now in a simple, reliable and honest way with free car removal.

          Accident Car Removal

          So, you’ve had an accident, and your car is damaged, or it’s written off, and the cost for repairs is possibly even higher the value of the vehicle. Sound familiar? I so, there’s no need to worry anymore. We remove all accident cars and pay you cash for them.

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          Scrap Car Removal

          You’re trying to dispose of scrap cars, but you’re feeling the struggle? You’re not alone. If you’re like most people, then you’ve left your scrap car to deteriorate because it’s too hard to get rid of it. Not anymore, we remove all scrap cars and give your cash regardless of their condition.

          Scrap Car Removal In Melbourne

          Damaged Car Removal

          Got a damaged vehicle? Perhaps it’s from an accident, hail, flood or additional damage. No matter the type of damage or its extent, we’ll still remove it reliably and quickly at the most convenient time for you.

          Junk Car Removal

          Are you feeling the strain of trying to sell your used car? We get it because it is a challenging process trying to sell a used car. But the challenge is over, contact us now and we’ll give you a quote for cash and remove it free of charge. Simple.

          Unwanted Car Removal Melbourne

          Free, simple and professional car removal in Melbourne

          Don’t waste any more time. Get instant cash for cars today. Unwanted, scrap, broken, or damaged. Whatever condition your vehicle is in we’ll buy it today. Don’t let your unwanted cars sit around on your property becoming an eye-saw, deteriorating and losing more value. At Melbo Cash for Cars, we’re the scrap metal wreckers who’ll give you instant cash for cars and take them off your hands completely stress-free. We’ll collect your vehicle at a time which is convenient for you as we work around the clock. So there’s never been a more convenient time to get instant cash for cars and professional removal of your vehicles.

          See for yourself what our satisfied clients say about our cash for cars service

          We’ve been doing this a long time and guarantee our service is straightforward, proffesional and reliable

          Thomas Armstrong

          Thomas Armstrong

          Very professional and efficient service. Arrived on time and was able to help me with my scrap metal problems. I would use their services again and would also recommend them to anyone with junk metal lying around who needs to make some space.

          Usman Khan

          Usman Khan

          Melbo Cash for Cars staff members are the experts, they truly look after us and others whom we know of dealing with them. We often see them like once a week for regular bin pick up and their staff is always on time and very friendly.

          side Hash

          Side Hash

          We are very pleased with the service we got from Melbo Cash for Cars. Exceptionally fair dealing, and excellent communication. I give them my highest recommendation

          sai vamshi

          Sai Vamshi

          My Truck was picked up quickly and without any hurdles. I received an excellent price and the service was very professional. I got the cash immediately and the way they deal with customers is really appreciable. I would recommend Melbo Cash for Cars to anyone. Best Scrap Metal Dealer in Melbourne.

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