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About – Melbo Cash for Cars

Melbo Cash for Cars is a Melbourne-based scrap metal company with 10 years of experience within the scrap metal industry. Melbo Cash for Cars is a privately-owned scrap metal business.

We specialise in scrap metal through weigh-and-pay services to clients. We also deliver a wide range of other services in order to make the removal of scrap both convenient and cost-efficient. Our business is adequate to supply bins with ready access to a wide range of vehicles for quick and easy pick-ups. The size of our supply bins range from 2m2 to 30m2.

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Why Us

The management and staff members are dedicated team members, who thrive to serve in a professional manner.

Our team strongly believes in developing strong relations with our clients, through outstanding customer service and competitive prices, in order to keep the flow of repetitive clients and referrals.

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