How to Get Your Old Car Sold the Same Day

How to Get Your Old Car Sold the Same Day

Is it time to upgrade to a new car?  Upgrading to something better can be tough if you only have one set of wheels on your name and still need to travel every day.  For this type of transition to go smoothly, you might need to get your old car sold the same day so you can put down the cash for a new car – also the same day.

But how do you sell your car and get the money paid to your bank account the very same day?  It often takes weeks to find a suitable buyer for your car and it can be tough to find a buyer who has the full amount in cash so you can get paid without any waiting periods.  

In this handy guide, we are going to share some of the best tips to help you get your car sold swiftly no matter how old it might be.

Find a Car Wreck Buyer

When you sell privately, it can take weeks to find an interested buyer.  But when you sell to a car wreck buyer like Melbo Cash for Cars, you can get your car sold without any struggles.  This type of buyer accepts all old and used cars irrespective of make, brand, and model.  They are also happy to buy cars with damages.  When you use a car wreck buyer, you don’t have to spend hours posting your adverts on websites and social media and you don’t have to wait weeks on end to find a buyer.

Find Out What Your Car Is Worth

Before you do anything else, you need to find out what your car is worth.  Contact the car wreck buyer and provide details about your car. 

They need information about the vehicle’s make, model, mileage and condition of the car.  Once the information is in, you will be offered a price based on the information.  Good car wrecker companies offer the best prices because they have such a huge need for these vehicles.

Accept the Offer for Your Old Car

If you are happy with the offer you receive then you can just accept and start arranging for the pickup. 

A good car wrecker company is happy to come to your location to get a better look at the vehicle and they are also willing to arrange a meeting that fits into your busy life schedule.

The Car Will Be Inspected

No business can give a precise offer over the phone.  They will need to do a proper inspection of the car to determine the exact condition of your old vehicle.  After the inspection, some negotiations might need to be done and a final offer will be established.

Accept the Final Offer and Get Paid

If you are happy with the final offer you get from the car wrecker then you can simply accept. 

You will also get paid swiftly after you accept the final offer.  A good car wrecker will ensure that the full payment will be deposited into your bank account swiftly so you can move on to a newer car.

Get the Paperwork Handled

It is very important to have the needed documentation on hand during the vehicle inspection. 

Buyers need to ensure that the car is registered to your name and that everything is legal.  You will also need to provide your identification document as well as all licensing documentation for your vehicle.  After copies have been made of your ID, you will need to fill out a vehicle ownership transfer form and the sale will be completed.

Get Your Car Removed Free Of Charge

Once the car is officially sold, the car wrecker will haul away the vehicle for you without charging you any extra fees for vehicle removal services.

When the car is hauled away by a company like Melbo Cash for Cars, you will have your money paid into your account, and your car will be sold and removed from your property the very same day. 

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