Making Money In Lockdown: Different Types of Scrap Metal to Sell

Making Money In Lockdown: Different Types of Scrap Metal to Sell

Selling your old scrap metal is a great way to make some extra money.  We can all do with a bit of extra spending money now that the global pandemic has caused so many people to lose their jobs or have resulted in such costly medical bills for survivors of this treacherous disease.  

Scrap metal recycling is very important for the economy and our world.  This is because recycling these metals into new products is much better for the environment compared to harvesting fresh metals from the earth.  

Every time metal is recycled instead of harvested from nature, natural forests are saved and land, air, and water pollution are reduced.

If you need money quickly then you should take a look around your property for scrap metal that you can collect and sell. 

Some metals are quite valuable and could fetch you a fair price.

Here is a quick look at the different scrap metals you can sell to make some money.

Old Cars

Scrap cars are one of the best sources of scrap metal because they contain so much metal.  Some of these vehicles can even weigh over a ton and most vehicles consist of various metal types such as stainless steel, aluminium, and steel.  When you sell your scrap car to a good company like Melbo Cash for Cars, you can make a mini fortune in an instant.  The best part of selling your old car for scrap metal is that you will also be clearing up lots of space in your back yard and you will keep your car out of the landfill where it will take up unnecessary space.

Car Rims

Old car rims are also pretty valuable, especially if you have a pair of aluminium rims.  You should defiantly keep your old rims when you get new wheels, even if your old rims are cracked because you can sell these for extra money.

Engine Blocks

Do you have an engine block lying around? 

These heavy parts contain lots of metal and can get you a pretty good price when you sell it for scrap metal.  

Aluminium Cans

Soda cans are made of aluminium because it is light yet tough metal that is tarnish-resistant.  If you collect enough aluminium cans, you could get quite a lot of money at a local scrap metal company.

Car Batteries

Car batteries are heavy because they contain a lot of lead.  Lead is a very valuable metal.  It is much better to sell old car batteries to scrap metal companies rather than throw these away.  They are valuable and scrap metal companies will ensure that those harmful battery acids won’t leak into the ground.

Old Plumbing Pipes

Metal plumbing pipes are also good for trade at a scrap metal company, especially if you have copper plumbing pipes.  Copper is one of the most valuable recyclable metals because it is so highly durable.

Selling your old scrap metal is a great way to earn some money quickly.  The best part about earning money this way is that it is virtually effortless and there is no loan to pay off when you use these methods to get money.  

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