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Melbo Scrap has Dependable, professional and straightforward car removal throughout Melbourne.

Does this sound like you?

You’ve got a broken, unwanted, old, scrap, wrecked, used or written off car and you’re hopelessly trying to get rid of it. You’re feeling the struggle with trying to get cash for your vehicle and sell it. Well, the challenge stops now because we offer free car removal and cash for cars payments around Melbourne.

Cash for cars Melbourne

Cash for unwanted cars

There truly is a lot of difficulty in trying to get rid of an unwanted car. There’s a lot of time involved to get it listed, get it viewed and try to get it sold for the value it’s worth. So why don’t you save yourself the time and stress and let us give your cash for your unwanted cars and remove them for free? It’s that easy.

Selling your unwanted car allows others to buy the salvageable parts and put them to use. Many people will benefit from various parts of a vehicle such as the bonnets, panels, engine parts and the doors as well.

So it’s most beneficial to sell your unwanted car so others can get the parts and pieces and put them to use. So why not get cash for your unwanted car rather than leaving it to sit on your property unused and losing money.

We’ve been removing unwanted cars around Melbourne for a long time, so we’ve made the process proffesional and straightforward. We ensure you can depend on us to get the job done effortlessly.

Cash for scrap cars

Believe it or not, if you’ve got a scrap car which you’ve left sitting around and it’s rusted, wrecked, dusty and full of cobwebs, we’ll give you cash for your scrap car. When you dump a scrap car on a property, it gets exposed to moisture and oxygen over time. Then most likely, the vehicle will become rusted, which means it will be too difficult to fix or rebuild. So the most satisfactory solution, other than leaving it there, is letting us give your cash for your scrap car and remove it off your property.

Because the longer it sits around, it will continue to cause damage to the surrounding area and the environment as well.

At Melbo Scrap, we buy cars of any make, model and in all conditions which means if you’ve got a scrap car, we want to buy it. And in reality, if you’ve got a scrap car, then you’re probably not going to use it again, and it will be almost impossible to sell. But we will take it off your hands, give you cash for its value and remove it for free.


At Melbo Scrap, we’re wreckers which is why we want your unused, old, damaged, wrecked and scrap cars. As wreckers, our job is to dismantle and pull apart broken, scrap, written off or damaged vehicles. When we buy your car and remove it, we look for its usable parts, carefully dismantle and recover them so we can then sell these elements off separately.

And, also want the unusable parts such as bumpers, frames, exhausts and internal components

which are beyond repair because we forward them onto authorised scrap metal companies who will dispose of them correctly and in an environmentally friendly way. Because we prefer to see old cars disposed of responsibly so they’re not further destroying your property or harming the environment.

Car Removals

We have a team of professional and reliable towers that you can depend on to remove your car efficiently and adequately. We’ve been removing vehicles for years so we guarantee our free car removal gets done at a time most convenient for you and in an entirely fuss-free way.

The process is simple, give us a call or fill out our contact form and we’ll give you the most competitive and honest price for your car. Then we agree on the best time for us to pick it up, and we’ll come and remove it for you efficiently on time.

Contact our friendly team today at Melbo Scrap so we can give you cash for your car and remove it for free.

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