Ways to Extend the Life of Your Old Car

Ways to Extend the Life of Your Old Car

Don’t have money to buy a new car right now? These can be tough and stressful times because it means you will have to make do with what you have at the moment. Driving an old car can save you a lot of money in the short run. But these vehicles do need a lot of extra care and maintenance to keep them in good shape.

With the right care, you can continue driving an old car for much longer. Here is a quick look at the best ways to keep that old winter rat of yours in good shape so you can keep driving it for longer.

Don’t Overwork a Cold Car

It is pretty hard to get up early when it is cold outside. In winter, we all have the nasty habit of overworking our vehicles because we all try to sleep until the last possible moment. If you don’t let your car warm up well before driving it or if you speed up it too much while it is still cold, you can end up damaging the engine.

Park in the Shade

Harsh UV rays can be very damaging to your dashboard and your paint job. This is especially true for older vehicles. The paint on your old car is already worn down quite a bit and can easily be damaged by the sun. Park your car in the shade to keep the interior and exterior in good condition for longer.

Keep Your Fluids Topped up

Topping up your oil, water, and coolant is very important for keeping your engine in good shape. If you neglect these chores, your car is very likely to break down. It is very important to check your fluids regularly, especially if your car is old. A leak can happen at any day and it will cause astronomical damage if you drive your car dry. 

Drive Calm

Aggressive driving is very bad for your car. All that hard stopping, quick accelerating, and riding on the brakes or clutch will wear down your engine and tyre components much quicker. To get more out of your car, you need to drive calm and gently.

Reduce Short Trips

When you are constantly hopping into your car to do errands throughout the day, your car will be cold-started a lot of time. Cold starts wear down your engine a lot more than any other driving habit will. Try to save your errands for a single trip and get everything done in one session. Your engine will still be warm when you travel from one shop to another and you can reduce those damaging cold starts.

Keep Your Car Clean

A clean car helps retain the value of your old car. It is important to wash your car and to clean the interior regularly. This will keep dust and dirt from settling inside your car mats and will help avoid stains on your interior. A clean exterior also keeps your paint from getting stained or faded in certain spots. If your car still looks good, you will be more likely to keep driving it for longer.

These are all good tips for keeping your old car in good shape for longer. But at some point, your old car will start costing you money and it will no longer be a good idea to keep driving it. When it is time to sell you should give Melbourne Cash for Cars a call. This company will buy your old car from you no matter what condition it might be in. They pay a fair price based on the condition and demand of your old car so you can finally move on to something better. 

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